My Run Streak is Over :(

My 2014RunStreak has officially ended.  I’m unhappy about it, but I know the prudent thing to do is to accept it and move on.

I started my streak on January 2 and my last day was February 16, so 45 days.  That’s not too bad considering my last one was 30, so it’s a 50 % increase.  I ran on days I traveled, I ran out of town, I ran on treadmills because of bad weather, I ran outside in temperatures colder than I have ever run in.  I ran 83.5 miles in 45 days, an average of 1.86 miles a day, every day for 45 days.

I’m glad I did it.  It was really motivating to have to get that mile in, every single day.  I’m proud of the miles I logged.  I know that I would have not done most of them if it wasn’t for “having” to.

But on Sunday, I fell.  I fell forward with things in my hands so I couldn’t put them out to brace my fall.  So instead I fell hard on my knees, the left one taking the brunt of the fall.  I knew right away that it hurt, but I played it off because I didn’t want to call attention to myself in the room full of people where it happened.  The knee was sore all day but I didn’t have a chance to ice it.  I went to bed that night with it aching.  I woke up the next morning with it still aching. I debated for a second if I should try to run on it and instantly knew that my streak was over.

There’s a time to push yourself and there’s a time not to be stupid.  This feels like the latter.

I don’t think that there’s any real permanent problem going to happen here.  I think I just bruised it and it needs some time to heal.  It’s only really bad if I put pressure on it (pushups on my knees will not be an option for a while).  I did some squats this morning and while it didn’t hurt during, it’s a bit achy now.

I am thinking I might hit the treadmill (because it is snowing….again) and walk for a mile to see how it feels.  But I think I’m going to wait to run on it for at least a few days.

It is a good reminder for every time I’m huffing and sweating and pushing myself hard that I am lucky to be able to do so.  Because injury happens and then you can’t huff and sweat and push.  As hard as exercise is while you’re doing it, it’s harder not to do it, sometimes.


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