Weekly Weigh In

I am down 0.6 over last week.   A little frustrated that it’s not more to wipe away last week’s whole pound gain, but the frustration lands squarely on myself, no where else.  I know that this week’s result is squarely on my shoulders.  There were times when I made really good choices.  There were more times when I made really lousy choices.  I think the biggest reason for the loss as opposed to what could have happened was simply that there was very little eating out this week.  I cooked most every night at home, didn’t have lunch out at a restaurant.  So even a lousy choice at home will still be a better result than a so so meal out of the house.

I was struck by the weight of choices and the inability to make the right ones last night watching My 600 lb Life.  I have never watched this show before because I wondered if it really was along the kind of fat shaming mode of programming (TLC isn’t exactly known for its high class offerings these days….remember when they were the Learning Channel?).  Anyway I got sucked in by watching this story last night of this morbidly obese woman trying to lose some of the weight.

And the whole time, from the outside looking in, you could see it.  Her repeatedly, over and over, making terrible food choices. She and her kids eat so much fast food, it is no wonder she has a weight problem.  But lord, she could make food more cheaply if she cooked from scratch and made big batches.  The lack of knowledge and the lack of will to want to change habits was hard to watch.   She went months and months losing just a pound or two, even after gastric bypass surgery.

When did the story finally turn around?  She started seeing a counselor.  She had recently lost her husband, had a troubled childhood, and those were the real reasons for her obesity and mindset.  Once she started working on her head, the rest of it quickly started falling into place.

It was interesting watching the story.  I still think the show is definitely on the gawker side of things, but the message in last night’s episode was clear.  Your head is the biggest obstacle to your weight loss.  Work on why you keep making the wrong choices, and the ability to make the right ones will start to be easier.

It’s a lesson I am thinking about this week.

Current Week: -0..6 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  14.6 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  28.2


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