Wednesday Weigh In

If I had to write a recap of this week, it would be a very positive one.  I had my first run of more than six miles since last October (and when I looked back in my RunKeeper, only my sixth or seventh ever).  I haven’t really done too many runs of that length.  But when I went out on Sunday, I told myself:  six miles at least.  No matter if I had to run/walk it.  No matter how much walking was in that mix, I would do six miles.  Nothing less.  And I did.  It honestly felt really, really great.  I was sore and my feet hurt after, since I haven’t even have a run above five miles in quite a while, but still, I did it.

Why was I so hell bent on six? Because I signed up for my first half marathon this week.  It’s not until June, but now that I’m signed up, I am committed.  I need to start getting in my head that runs aren’t just a mile or two miles.  I have had trouble this winter with the weather and my aging treadmill getting good runs in.  But now that I am signed up, I’m in the zone.

I also had some great workouts this week at bootcamp.  I’ve noticed lately I’m feeling stronger, have more stamina.  Last night, ahead of the storm that is now blanketing us with many inches of snow (looks like six or seven so far and it’s still falling), our instructor called a 1.5 hour class since today’s would be cancelled.  It was hard, and I am sore this morning, but I did it.  I felt good.  I sweated so much my headband was saturated and the sweat still streamed down my face onto my mat.  I’m doing exercises that I couldn’t do when I started, that I couldn’t do even two months ago.

So my feeling this week is positive.  Yet, when I stepped on the scale this morning, it was up by a whole pound.  I’m now at a weight I haven’t seen on the scale since last October.  I’d like to think some of this is water retention or too much salt yesterday, but I know the truth.  It is still me not making the right food choices.  This week featured not one, not two but three parties over the weekend and while I thought I did well, I guess even well at a party is worse than stuff I’ve cooked myself at home.  The scale is up now two and a half pounds since Christmas and I’m disappointed in that.

I refuse to let the scale take away my feeling of strength and progress on the exercise front.  I’m still going to call this a positive week, despite the gain.  That being said, enough is enough.  The scale is too high and it’s not OK.

Current Week: +1 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  15 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  28.4


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