Challenges, Challenges Everywhere

I keep reading about the New Year and everyone starting it with challenges of some sort.

I started my 2014 with the Couch 2 Nowhere program….it was a tough one, but I muddled through.  Haha.

But now that my Sloth Day is over, it’s time to get back on the bandwagon.  Bootcamp starts up next week, but because I can’t resist a challenge, I’m also going to add these new things into the mix:

Athleta’s 30 Day Plank Challenge:  A girlfriend of mine brought a whole group of friends into this one, so I’m in.  We’re in the easy part right now, of course.  Eventually by January 31 I should be able to plank for five minutes without stopping.  Yeah, I’m not terribly optimistic but I’m in to try.

Roni’s 2014 Run Streak:  OK, I didn’t start this yesterday, but I will do two miles today to make up for it.  I did the Runner’s World streak last summer and loved the accountability of it.  I need that little push right now!  Run (or walk if you have to) at least a mile a day, every day, no matter what.  For me that’s only 10-12 minutes.  I’ve always got time for that.

There are a bunch more challenges out there….anyone have any others they are doing that might be a good thing to add in to the mix?


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