Holiday Game Plan Results (So Far)

Well we are home from our trip down to warmer climes to celebrate Christmas.  Nine days ago I stepped on the scale to get a baseline and put my head in the right place.  Nine days ago I wrote down everything I would do (and wouldn’t do) to try and keep the scale from deviating too far upwards of that number.

My trip started out immediately with breaking my alcohol rule, and not even in a little way:  margaritas.  But I made good food choices otherwise that day and vowed I would run off the excess in the morning on the beach.  I noticed my throat was a bit sore with each sip of margarita going down, but I didn’t think about it…probably the ice.

Not the ice.  After my four plus mile run the next day I started to feel the cold coming in full force.  On day two I felt myself steadily going downward:  nose running, throat needing clearing, sneezing.  Still, I took a long walk on the beach and eschewed the bun on my burger and dessert at dinner (I did, however, break the alcohol rule again).

I spent the rest of the week fighting a particularly nasty cold.  The second cold I’ve had this winter (this month!) and I don’t really understand it.  I am generally healthy and hardly ever get sick.  I eat better now than I have in most of my life, and exercise more too.  I don’t know what happened, but running went out the window for the rest of the week because I could hardly breathe what with all of the coughing.

I did keep walking, though, at least three miles every day but one, and often more than four.  I swam too, the chlorine in the pool seeming to help clear my chest and my nose.  Despite not being able to rest well or much, the cold did finally start to clear up the day after Christmas.

The sickness did, as it always does, lower my resolve.  I managed fruit and yogurt every day for breakfast, and did keep lunches light for the most part.  I did eat too much sometimes at dinners, although I was good about avoiding desserts for the most part. I drank more than I should have, every single day.  Yesterday was probably the worst day.  Long delays at the airport and an upgrade on the plane meant a warm and boozy flight home.

I forced myself to step on the scale this morning, not wanting to wait until Wednesday to see the carnage.  I squeezed my eyes shut and slowly opened them as the number appeared.

The exact same number as it read nine days ago.


I could not tell you at all why that is, but for today, still recovering from my cold and tired from my trip?  I’m ecstatic.  And I am so glad that I stepped on today, so I am motivated to keep the number down over what is guaranteed to be a boozy New Years and a few days of cold weather comfort eating before the kids go back to school.


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2 responses to “Holiday Game Plan Results (So Far)”

  1. redstar5 (@redstar5) says :

    Hooray for conquering those holidays in fine form! I hope the cold doesn’t stick around long for your sake. Wishing you lots of love and joy in 2014! – Mimi

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