Holiday Game Plan

Well it’s the day we start our holiday trip, a week of family, fun and hopefully warmer weather.  I stepped on the scale this morning and found it up a pound from Wednesday (um, also from yesterday….grrrr).  We had a big holiday meal with family last night so I attribute it to that.  But it’s a cautionary tale for what will be a whole week of essentially the same thing, nearly every night.  So I need to get my head in the game.

Exercise Game Plan:

  • At least one long run of 6+ miles.
  • Minimum of three runs total for the week
  • Walk on days when I don’t run, so there is some physical activity on days when we don’t travel

Food Game Plan:

  • Be sure there is healthy breakfast food available:  oatmeal and/or greek yogurt and fruit
  • Go light on lunches because dinners will be big
  • Stick to lean proteins and avoid low glycemic carbs (“the white stuff”)
  • No more than 2 drinks at dinner
  • Dessert yes, but not every night and only a few bites
  • Water, water, water

We have the same tradition every year of going to spend the holiday with family.  Always the same place, always the same dates.  We’ve done this for the last eight years so I know what I am in for.  Last year, I gained six pounds in the week and a half holiday break between Wednesday Weigh Ins.

My goal this year is to maintain.  I know I won’t lose and I’m fine with it.  Maintaining, honestly, will be a challenge.  But I did it over Thanksgiving and I should be able to do it this week too.  I just need to really be conscious and aware of my choices.

I can do this.


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One response to “Holiday Game Plan”

  1. elxankat says :

    Yes! You. Can. Do. This. Stock up on veggies & fruit so you don’t eat the other stuff between meals.

    Have a great time. Call me or text if you’re ever bored:)

    Merry Christmas & see you on NYE!

    Sent from my iPhone

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