My Year In Running

I had been waiting to put together a “My Year In Running” post because I had one more race on my schedule:  the Holiday Run for Toys in Fairfield, CT this Sunday.  Alas, a nasty winter storm is brewing and looks to hit Saturday night, postponing the race until the following week.  Unfortunately I cannot run the race that particular day, so that’s it for me:  my race year is done.


My year looked like this:

January:  Joe Kleinerman 10K...79:22
February:  Sweetheart 4 Mile Run…50:05
March:  Shamrock and Roll 5K…35:33
Sandy Hook Run for the Families 5K…36:02
April:  DAWS Run Your Tail Off 5K...31:48**
May:  Mother’s Day 10K…79:10
Memorial Day 5K…35:56
June:  Stratton Faxon 5K…36:14
August:  MADD Dash 5K…37:28
Newtown Road Race 5K…38:41
September:  Autism Speaks 4 Miler…47:19
October:  Monroe 4 Mile Trail Run…52:32
November:  Vicki Soto 5K…36:02

13 races in 12 months.  My goal is to run one race a month so I was OK even without this weekend’s race.

Best race experience?  Wow, that’s hard to choose.  I think that most of the runs were well organized.  Probably the Sandy Hook run, just because it was so moving and emotional.  For a race with over 15,000 participants (by far the largest event I have ever participated in), it was really seamlessly run.

Best run?  I PRed the Shamrock and Roll run in March on a super flat course in New Haven, CT.  But I also felt really great through the Joe Kleinerman 10K and the Vicki Soto races.

Best piece of new gear?  My New Balance shoes that I finally got from Woodbridge Running.  Super comfortable on my big, wide feet.  Second place goes to the key holder case I got that attaches to my shoe laces (also a New Balance product).  Love both.

Best piece of running advice?  A runner I really admire and respect told me that it didn’t matter how fast I ran a race, just that I got out there and completed the miles.  I beat myself up constantly about being slow and that sage advice meant something to me, because it came from someone who I consider a “real runner”.

Most inspirational runner?  I could talk about so many people but if I am going with someone I know personally, it’s my girlfriend Sue.  She started on her fitness journey just a year ago and now routinely beats me in races.  She amazes me and pushes me to continue training.  Second place goes to Kevin Bresnahan, who ran well over thousand miles this year for Chase Kowalski (one of the victims of Sandy Hook).

A few words to sum up your running year?  An awesome journey.  I have met so many wonderful people through my running.  People I would have never met or become connected with otherwise.  I’m so grateful for the new experiences that running has brought to my life.

Onto 2014.  I don’t have anything scheduled yet. I won’t do the Kleinerman 10K again this year, but I would like to get another 10K in again soon.  My goal for 2014 is definitely a half marathon.  I don’t know which one yet, but it’s definitely my goal.

**This race time is so far off of my normal 5K times that I truly do think that the course was short.  I have never before or since run anything even remotely close to this time.


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2 responses to “My Year In Running”

  1. elxankat says :

    Awwww….who do you think inspired me to start running again? We’re good partners:) And yes, I expect you’ll beat me when I start up again in the warmer (March?) weather after my winter lull….xoxo

  2. misszippy1 says :

    Great year for you! Lots of races, some PRs, and growth as a runner. Yes to the advice you got–you are out there and that’s what counts. Enjoy the journey, don’t sweat the race results.

    Thanks for linking in!

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