Wednesday Weigh In: One Holiday Down

I’m not surprised that this week’s weigh in shows a loss.  How’s that for nonchalance?  Two Thanksgiving dinners, one wedding, two travel days and staying in a hotel and somehow I managed to pull it off.  My goal was to maintain, but I didn’t.  I actually dropped a little weight last week.

I think the best I can manage to say about it is that I kept my head about me.  I was careful about what I ate but I also didn’t deprive myself.  On Thanksgiving number one, I loaded up on turkey and vegetables and had one small spoonful of mashed potatoes and stuffing.  On Thanksgiving number two, I again kept to the protein and avoided the larger than my hand but looked oh soooo good rolls.  At the wedding, I stuck to the same strategy:  protein and veggies and fruit.  On all three occasions I had dessert, but just a few bites rather than the whole thing.

When there were snacks out I stuck to protein and veggies and stayed away from the crackers and dips.  I drank water whenever I had any opportunity.  And my big win, when we ate at the hotel buffet breakfast I had fruit and oatmeal rather than the greasy eggs, sausage and hashed brown potatoes.  All of which I normally love, but the fruit was beautiful at the hotel and I knew I’d be having protein later in the day, so I thought the oatmeal was a better choice.

Of course I drank, probably too much, but not too much and I always stuck to wine as opposed to mixed drinks (well there was that one shot of tequila, but it was a wedding after all).  🙂

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself.  I’d like to get back down to my new low point (which I hit a few weeks ago and promptly reacted to by gaining some back) during December and then coast there for the rest of the holiday season before moving back downward come January.  I think this is a realistic goal for me.

Current Week: -0.6 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  12.4 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.8



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