Wednesday Weigh In

You know when you want to run from the scale to your computer to shout out your happy news?  OK maybe you don’t, because that does sound a bit crazy.  Or maybe you do, because you’re reading this blog which means maybe you blog about weight loss too, or you’re trying to lose weight at least, so you get it.

The number on the scale this morning was so surprising to me that I stepped on it three times to be sure it wasn’t wrong.

I lost 2.4 lbs last week.  The biggest drop that I’ve had since December of last year.  Which coincidentally was also when I recorded my lowest weight of the past twelve months.  But today’s scale reading is lower than that.  It’s lower than that by 1.8 lbs.

I haven’t seen this number on a scale since 2009.  Since the last time I lost weight successfully, when I lost 35 pounds, hit goal, and promptly over the course of a year and a half gained it all back.

What did I do this week that worked?  Well I am involved in this challenge with my fellow bootcampers, so that’s in the back of my head.  I will have to weigh in there for the next five weeks as well as on my home scale.  There’s something about knowing someone else who is standing in the same room with me knows what I weigh, and whether I had a good or bad week.  It helped motivate me this week, for sure.

I made better food choices.  No question.  The biggest difference between what I did this week and what I’ve done all year is what I know how to do but sometimes fail at doing:  eating lower calorie density foods, dialing back on the carbs, and sticking with homemade, unprocessed or minimally processed foods.  More salads.  More fruit. Lean proteins.  Veggies and hummus for snacks instead of chips with hummus.  Air popped popcorn if I’m starving and need to feel full.

I also was more consistent with exercise.  I had better runs this week, longer runs in addition to my bootcamp.  I am curious to see if I feel stronger at bootcamp today; I did on Friday (the last time I went).  I am hoping that the more solid food choices give me more energy to fuel the intense workouts.

I am happy with this week’s results, and as I know from the last time I successfully lost, one good week can really propel you forward.  I feel good about my headspace and my ability to make the solid choices.  I plan on continuing that this week.

Current Week:  -2.4 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  11.6 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  27.7  (yay, in the 27s!)


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