Wednesday Weigh In: The Good and the Bad

This week’s weigh in is a study in contrasts, good and bad.

The good:  I didn’t gain this week.  I lost 0.2 lbs.

The bad:  I only lost 0.2 lbs, so am STILL above my 7/31 weigh in by 0.6 lbs.

The good:  I totally thought I would post a gain, as it was my birthday this week and there were many indiscretions, including too many glasses of wine, a delicious and decadent eggplant parm grinder and not one but two different orders of fried calamari.

The bad:  I was showing numbers well under my 7/31 weigh in until Sunday, when I returned home from New York.  This week could have been my great week but I blew it with birthday madness.

The good:  I ran a great race on Sunday, a great treadmill run yesterday and bootcamp classes have started back up again.

The bad:  Being back in bootcamp I realized that I probably have lost a bit of stamina the few weeks I’ve been away from it.

The good:  Even though some of my food choices were lousy, all the truly bad choices I kept to smaller, shared portions.

The bad:  Except for the homemade potato chips that were on the plate the other day.  Well, actually I did share those, but probably not enough.

So there it is.  A challenging week of many restaurant meals, good amounts of exercise and a balance of good and bad choices.  I’m glad I didn’t post a gain, but it could have been a better week.

Current Week:  -0.2 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  15 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.3


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