A Good Run

I went out this morning to do my last run before this weekend’s four mile race.  With the heat and humidity of the last week thankfully gone this morning, I thought it would make sense.  I am going to give myself a rest day tomorrow so I’m fresh on Saturday, something I did not do for my last two races, so hopefully it will make a difference.

I set out to do about 3.5 miles today, just shy of the four miles I will run on Saturday.  I decided to go out and do a route that I used to do often but hadn’t run much of the summer, knowing the distance.

The first mile?  Fantastic.  Great, comfortable, perfect temperature outside.

By the middle of the second mile, there it was again.  The wall.  The same one I’d been hitting in each and every race, at about the same mileage.  Having the dog with me wasn’t a big help, as he was needing to stop every little bit to mark territory and do some business during this little stretch as well.  I was growing frustrated and agitated and losing confidence that this weekend’s run would go well.

But then something happened that hasn’t happened in the last few weeks.  I was able to push past it.  I slowed my pace, found a comfortable stride, and suddenly, I knew I could keep going.  And I did.  The last mile was easier, my breathing more regular, my heart rate more steady.  I was able to move past the wall rather than have that last mile be an unending series of walk/run/gasp.

Maybe it’s the lack of heat today, maybe it is the increased mileage, maybe it’s the forcing myself to run in the heat lately, I’m not sure.  But I finally have been able to push past that wall that’s been creeping up between mile two and three.  I ran the last of the 3.6 miles without any trouble and probably could have gone for longer if I didn’t need to get back home.

I’m so glad I had this experience today to go into the race this weekend with.  After this weekend, I want to start increasing my mileage, with the idea of moving towards a half marathon next spring.  I wasn’t sure it was a plausible goal lately.

Now, I think it is.


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