Wedneday Weigh In: I’ll Own It

Alright, so I gained this week, and I fully own it.  I made bad choices, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them (well, until I stepped on the scale this morning, that is).

We had a mini vacation last week, to visit Washington DC as I mentioned in last week’s post.  I did OK on a lot of counts:

  • walked every day but the travel day home
  • got in a run on our busiest tourist day
  • ate healthy breakfasts from the hotel buffet consisting of eggs, fruit and yogurt every day

Where I got tripped up was the dinners.  As usual for me on vacation, there was more drinking involved.  And while none of my dinners were unhealthy (the worst being a lobster crab ravioli…mmmm…..the rest were all protein and vegetable combos), and while I didn’t eat bread anywhere, restaurant food is notorious for being filled with salt and more calories than if you would make it at home.

When we returned home after a long drive on Sunday, we ordered takeout Chinese.  And while Szechuan beef is one of the better options, let’s face it:  it’s still Chinese food.

So I gained a pound this week.  I know why, and it sucks, and I’ll own it.  I still feel good about the other good choices I made this week.  Here we are with school just starting.  This time last year I was six pounds heavier and hadn’t run in over a month.  This year I have exercised consistently all summer and feel so much better.  So while I’m not happy about August and my post vacation gains, it’s nearly September and I am pointed in the right direction.

Current Week:  +1 lb
Total Weight Left To Lose:  16.2 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.5


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