Wednesday Weigh In: Not As Bad As I’d Feared

Post vacation, and I’m not surprised to see a gain stepping on the scale this morning.  What I was surprised was that it was *only* a pound.

I put the asterisks around the only because I really shouldn’t be happy about it, but I am.  After all, I blew my goal of not gaining on vacation.  I didn’t do my 7 minute workout every day; in fact, I only did it that one time.  I walked every day, but only ran once.  And while I was careful about my food choices, I didn’t turn down the fried appetizers that came my way, or the second rum drink I was offered on the last night, or the tres leches cake that my sister in law wanted to share.  Truly, I could have done better.

That being said, last Christmas I gained SIX pounds on my week away from the scale.  SIX.  So to have gained *only* one, with all of the missteps and sidesteps feels like a victory of sorts.  I enjoyed my food, although I never ate to bursting.  I made my fish dinner last three days by taking it back to our condo and parceling it out for lunches.  I did walk every single day, over two miles, every day.  Plus swimming and tourist walking besides.  So it wasn’t a total loss in my choices, either.  There was balance.  I’m OK with it.

When we arrived home, after a week of not tracking, I could feel myself slipping.  I wavered.  I didn’t exercise that first day back; it was so hectic with family staying over and laundry and chores and the kids.  The second day home, I didn’t exercise either.  More of the same chaos, true, but I had made a conscious choice to roll over in my bed rather than go to my 5:50 am exercise class or go for a run.  On the third day, there were no more excuses.  I was clearly at the cross roads that you find yourself at when you’ve stepped away from the good habits for a while.  You can either stay away, or go back.

I went back.  It was raining outside so I hopped on the treadmill for thirty minutes.  I feared that it would be hard after a week of not running, but it was the opposite.  The rest days had made me stronger and I ran one of the best treadmill runs I’ve ever done.  I ate a healthy lunch, made whole wheat pizza crust from scratch and engaged the family in making personal pizzas for dinner.  It was a good day.  And when my girlfriend texted me asking to go to the 5:50am class today, it was the push I needed.  Yes, these are my new habits.  No, I am not walking away from all of my hard work over these last few months.  We went to class together and while it was super hard, it also felt really, really good.  Good to work hard, knowing that I can work hard, that I’m stronger than I used to be and that next month, I’ll be stronger than I am now.

So all in all, I’ll take the gain.  But my goal for next week is (again) to not only not gain from this point, but to go below my last low point.  Translation?  One pound.  I need to lose at least one pound this week to meet that goal.

Bring it.

Current Week:  +1
Total Weight Left To Lose:  15.4 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.4


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