Wednesday Weigh In: No Scale Version

Well we’re away on vacation this week, with no access to a scale.  But if I had to guess, I would guess that it would likely be up.  I need to get my thought process back in line a bit and out of the “well, we’re on vacation” anything goes mentality, so a brain dump here on my blog is in order.

Things I’m doing right so far on vacation:  I’ve been active every day since we got here.  While the running in this tropical locale is less than perfect (super slow and interspersed with lots of walking), the walking is fabulous and I’m racking up lots of that.  There’s also plenty of swimming and outdoor time which is great.  This morning I did a workout via an app on my phone with pushups, planks, etc.  What a great find!  I’ll be adding that for each day of the rest of the days we are here.

I am also being careful about how much I’m eating.  Not so much the type of food, because where we are, you have to be careful about fresh food (“only eat things you can peel”) so what we are eating is fairly carb and protein heavy.  Still, I’m sticking to the better options with what’s available and stopping when I feel full, and not starting until I feel really hungry.  We also haven’t had any sweets at all, so that’s good.

What I’m not doing so well with:  one guess.  The booze.  There’s plenty of that, and I need to watch myself there.  Also, the water here isn’t drinkable so I’m on bottled water, and not drinking all that much because there’s a limited supply.  No real help for that, other than going home and flushing out all of the salt and crap.

Anyway, I am enjoying myself, and I definitely am more conscious than usual about what I am doing, and plan to make these last few days even better.  🙂



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