Runner’s World Run Streak Recap

RWRUNSTREAKBADGEJust typing “Runner’s World” into a title on my blog seems very strange to me.  While I’ve been running for 22 months now, I still don’t feel like a runner.  But I have to say, after participating in this challenge, I definitely feel more like one.

The idea of running every day was still foreign to me when I started this.  I had started running with the Couch 2 5K program and then moved onto Bridge 2 10K.  Both promote the rest days as a way to regroup and heal, and they are invaluable to a beginning runner.

But while I might not feel like a runner, I’m not a novice anymore.  I might be slow, but my body has been doing this now for nearly two years.  I realized that running a mile a day, every day, should be something I could do. And I was right.  I kept up with the challenge and ran at least a mile, every single day, except for one:  June 2, the day I put together our town’s 5K (although I am very sure I walked at least a mile that day).

Best things?  Now running feels like a habit.  There were a few days where I didn’t really want to get out of bed.  It’s hot now, and the only time that makes sense to run is early in the mornings.  There were times when I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed except that I didn’t want to break the streak.  But now it feels normal to get out of bed and put on my running clothes and get a quick run in, even if it’s only a mile.  I used to treat running like an event, not a real part of my every day life.  Now it feels more like the routine.

Worst things?  Laundry.  Even after only a mile, my clothes are soaked.  My laundry has been so full of tech ts and sports bras it’s not even funny.  That, and my feet are a little uglier these days than they were before the streak.  But if those are my biggest complaints I think I am doing well.

Here are my stats:

Week 1 mileage:  14.6 miles
Week 2 mileage:  12.3 miles
Week 3 mileage;  14.7 miles
Week 4 mileage:  18.5 miles
Week 5 Mileage:  14.6 miles
Week 6 Mileage (Sun-Thu):  12.97 miles
Total Streak Miles:  87.67 miles in 39 days
Average:  2.25 miles per day

I feel pretty good about it, especially considering I’ve also been attending bootcamp classes two or three times a week for this period too.  On days where I was scheduled for bootcamp, I would get up at 5:30 or 6 and get in a quick mile and then still attend class later in the morning.

Here’s what this year looks like now in my RunKeeper Reports:

My RunKeeper Year To Date

January looks pretty low because I wasn’t entering in treadmill runs into the system; I definitely logged more than that.  But if you look, Feb/Mar/April all are pretty even.  May ticks up with the better weather but June really blows it out of the park.  Which is kind of amazing because I haven’t done any long runs; I was doing those on March and April.  It just goes to show you that even a slowpoke like me, if I keep at it, can log some serious miles.  Yay, me.

So I might still be in the back of the pack, but at least I feel more like a runner after this challenge.  I’m definitely glad I participated in it, and proud to have completed it.


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