Wednesday Weigh In

I posted a slight loss this week, 0.4 lbs.  Which means I met my goal of not gaining this week.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, why my weight loss has stalled and stayed within the same three pound range.  Over the last seven months I have checked in with the scale every Wednesday and every Wednesday one of two things happened:  I either posted a loss or a gain.   Always excited for a pound or two here and there, always feeling good about the good weeks.  Always pissed off about the gains, either knowing full well that I chose the gain with my food choices that week, or being mystified as to where it came from.  One or the other, for a good 26+ weeks now.

And I realized something.  If I never gained, even if I had some weeks with very small or no loss, I’d be in a much better place right now.  I’d certainly be at a lower weight.  The gains wiped out the losses.  I checked my weight today and it is EXACTLY the same as it was on May 29.  That’s two days after the start of the #RWRunStreak.  Check that.  All of those miles I’ve run, all of the bootcamp classes I did and I weigh the same as I did 5 weeks ago.

May 29:  146.8
June 5:  147.4
June 12:  147.8
June 19:  147.2
June 26:  147.2
July 3:  146.8

Three weeks of gains, two weeks of losses and one week of static.  All within the same one pound range.  Five weeks of feeling great about my exercise and building strength and muscle too, sure, but still.

So in my head this week was my simple goal:  no more gains.  I’m cool if I lose half a pound here or there.  As long as I don’t gain it back, then I’ll still be moving forward.  All I wanted was to not be above last week’s number, and I got that.  This week, same.  I have a big Fourth of July party this week, and I’ll need to be careful.  But careful is all I need to be.  I don’t need to not enjoy myself.  I can be careful and still post a loss.  I don’t have to go crazy one way or the other.  But I can’t give up.  I won’t.

I just need to keep moving forward.

Current Week:  -0.4
Total Weight Left To Lose:  16.8 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.7


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