Wednesday Weigh In

I’m down slightly this week, 0.6 lbs.  Which I’ll take, although as always, I’d like it to be more.

But I am seeing a bit of what people call the “NSV” lately, or the non scale victory.  This is my sixth week of the bootcamp classes I’m taking, and my third week of the RWRunStreak.  While I’m only going to bootcamp twice a week, I’m definitely seeing some changes in my body.  Clothes are fitting better, things are looser than they have been in quite a while.  So that’s motivating.

This is the last week of the bootcamp that I’d signed up for.  I figured I’d “try it”.  While I need to be careful of injuries, and while I still find it insanely hard, I definitely am seeing progress and am planning on continuing.  Probably still only two days a week, although if I can muster three, that would be even better.

I have stopped “tracking” my food intake altogether.  Instead, I’m trying very hard to simply focus on the quality of what I’m eating and stopping when I am full.  Will this type of food bring me closer to my goals?  Probably shouldn’t eat it.  Am I full even though there’s still food left?  Maybe I should stop.  I think I got too wrapped up in the numbers game and thinking I could have really crappy stuff as long as I tracked it.  So we’ll see how this goes for me.

Still hovering in the same place I’ve been in the last six months, but hoping the next few weeks, with the changes I’ve made in exercise and food, will push me out of the slump.

Current Week:  -0.6
Total Weight Left To Lose:  17.2 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.7


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