Wednesday Weigh In

Up .6.   I could go either way here.

First thoughts?  Kind of pissed off.  It’s been a good week full of good choices.  I honestly figured at least a pound this week.  I haven’t tracked, but I know where my mindset is and it’s in a very good place.  So I’m kind of surprised to see the gain this week.

Second thoughts?  Well, I can think of a few slip ups.  Like those two Mike’s Hard Lemonades Saturday night while we were prepping for our local 5K (working on a recap post but there is SO MUCH to say).  Or the toomuch wine yesterday.  And the large sprinkle of kosher salt that went into last nights homemade pasta sauce. Also, I know that it is going to be “that time” any second now, so that is likely a contributing factor.

Still, annoyed.  But not derailed.  I am really enjoying my new bootcamp classes, despite feeling like I may die at several points during each one.  I know that pushing to the limits is something I need to be doing, and haven’t been.  I am already seeing some progress, like being able to finally properly perform burpees (never was able to hop back before, I had to kind of step back).

I am also loving the discipline of the RWRunStreak.  It really is forcing me to get out there and just do more running, even when the schedule makes it hard.  Combining it with my new speed training has been really interesting.  On the rest days for that I just run a mile or a mile and a half (usually those are also bootcamp days).  But the new plan is an awesome mix of longer runs to build stamina and interval training to build speed.  Yesterday I did my second interval session of the plan and got my intervals a bit faster than the week before (fastest one was 8:19 min/mi, which is big for me).  I like the progress I’m seeing there.

So while I am disappointed in the scale this week, I am still doing good things that should make it cooperate better next week.  Or maybe even perhaps tomorrow.  🙂

Current Week:  -+0.6
Total Weight Left To Lose:  17.4 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.8


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