The Big Race

So my big race is tomorrow.  The one I’ve put together (with the help of so many people).  I’m in crunch mode now but it’s all coming together.

My head is swimming so much it’s hard for me to put a cohesive post about it.  I wish I had written more during the process of putting it all together.  Meeting with local businesses, meeting with the people who put the race together last year, calling up total strangers and asking for money.  All of these things are outside my comfort zone, but slowly, I learned how to do them without dread.

There are so many details to remember:  making sure the police and EMS will be there, a DJ, a PA system.  Marking the race course with paint.  Putting a flyer in everyone’s mailbox who lives on the course letting them know the roads will be closed.

And then there’s the big jobs too:  designing and ordering thousands of T shirts, designing and ordering thousands of race flyers, learning how to set up and use the online registration system, going to the post office box to get the paper registrations.

As the months have progressed more and more people have jumped in to help, which has been good.  I’ve learned the art of saying yes to help and of delegation, another skill that has never been in my strong suit.  We expect nearly 1000 people to show up to this race tomorrow, and with those kinds of numbers, you simply cannot do it alone.

I hope it goes well.  I hope the weather isn’t too hot.  I hope we don’t run out of shirts.  I hope the new timer we just had to hire yesterday works out (because the timer we’ve used for 20 years went into the hospital yesterday).  I hope I don’t forget to thank anyone, or that I use the word “neat” in any context (my quote in the local paper had me describe the race as “neat”…how did that pop out?).  I have every possible appendage crossed.

I’ve invested hundreds of hours of work into this race.  It will raise a lot of money.  I won’t be paid a dime, but I know that I have gained priceless wisdom from taking this on.  I am grateful for it (or I will be, at about 12pm tomorrow).

Wish me luck.


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One response to “The Big Race”

  1. Sylvia @cowgirlwarrior says :

    Luck!!! I hope you get a chance to enjoy the moment too.

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