Wednesday Weigh In

So I’m up a little this week…. .8.

Honestly, I’m not upset.  Sure, I would like to have gone down but I know it’s 100 % me and my choices as to why it was up.  When you can own it, it isn’t as big a deal, I think.  I indulged in some magaritas on Sunday, had plenty of Cinco de Mayo chips and queso, and have had a few two many peanut butter pretzel bites (they are, seriously, the devil).  I knew the choices I was making when I made them.

Running felt good this week, and my 10K is on deck for Sunday.  The forecast is for rain, although I think the hazy early morning one I saw just now said it might be “drizzly” in the morning.  I could live with drizzly.  I’m not sure I’d love slogging six miles in the pouring rain but I think I would still do it.  I can’t quite imagine not running a race I’ve signed up for unless I was truly sick.  Or it was dangerous out there (in which case they’d cancel it anyway).

I probably will have to go back to tracking soon, as much as it feels soooooo nice not to be wrapped up in the numbers.  The trend is definitely an upward tick and that’s not good.

That’s about all I have for now.

Current Week:  +0.8 lbs.
Total Weight Left To Lose:  18.2 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.9


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