Wednesday Weigh In

So I can’t decide if this week’s weigh in is good or bad.

I’m up 0.2 lbs.

The good:  I didn’t track at all this week.  To be up this slightly means I know how to eat to essentially maintain my weight and not gain.  I’m noticing now that I’m putting on clothes from last fall, when the weather was warmer like it is now, that things are loose.  A pair of pants that barely fit last fall are loose.  Another that I couldn’t wear fit perfectly.  So that’s all very nice and it feels really nice to not be killing myself.  To not race to the computer after ever run, after every mouthful.  I almost think too that I’m out of the idea that I can eat more when I move more, because I forget about the exercise later in the day and just go about my business.  But when I’m tracking, I see that big number of calories burned and I “go for it” sometimes.

The bad:  well, I’m not losing.  I’d like to be.  This represents two weeks in a row of slight gains, which is the absolute wrong direction.  I’m also definitely not as careful in my eating.  Handfuls of nuts and pretzels add up.  They aren’t chips or fries, but they’re still not great for quantity eating.  Last night I indulged in three handfuls of peanut butter filled pretzels.  Probably 300 calories plus.  I can’t be doing that kind of thing, and if I were tracking, I probably would have thought better of it.

So where am I headed from here?  I probably am going to give myself one more week of not tracking and then get back in the game.  I like how I feel in my clothes right now and there’s a whole other set of clothes that would be wearable if I’d just drop another ten pounds.  It would just be nice if I could get to a place where it didn’t feel like a struggle to do what is necessary to lose…where it just was natural, the choices that feel right and natural to make.

I’m working on it.

Current Week:  +.2 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  16.6 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.6



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