Wednesday Weigh In

I lay in my bed this morning, dreading the scale.  I hemmed, hawed and replayed the last week in my head.

I knew I’d been over on calories every day but one.  Not by a lot, but a 100 here, a 150 there.  Last week I posed a theory: if my weekly net overage was more than 300 calories, I would gain.  Last week, my net overage was around 600 and I gained .2 lbs.  Negligible, I know, but not a loss either.  If that theory held true, I thought as I lay there in the darkness, then today would be at least a pound gain.

I lost 1.8 lbs this week.

I’m totally baffled by this.

I exercised less this week.  I didn’t eat more (in fact, I probably ate less), but my net calories at the end of the day was over goal 6 out of 7 days.   How did this happen?   Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled.  I just need to know what I did right so I can keep going on that track!

Wed:  Over by 362.  Two meals out that day.  No exercise.  Alternatively, I had salmon and chicken pesto, decent choices.
Thu:  Over by 15.  OK not a lot.  This day I did a new cardio DVD and had some mall walking.  I also made a zucchini lasagna that was absolutely amazing (from Skinnytaste, you should try it!)  and had a huge veggie sub from Subway.  Not lousy choices, good choices.
Fri:  Over by 147.  Again, not terrible.  Another restaurant meal this day, and I chose fish, which was great and healthy.  It snowed this day so I shoveled snow and also walked on the treadmill.
Sat:  Over by 489.  A lot.  Birthday dinner for my daughter at home, including cake.  I did take a long walk with the dog though.Sun:  Over by 326.  I spent this day in New York City with my daughter and a friend seeing Wicked on Broadway.  More eating at restaurants.  I chose spinach pie and fish tacos, both good choices.  I also chose plenty of wine (we took the train!), but we also walked a lot.
Mon:  Under by 608.  A huge deficit.  I ran five miles on Monday so that is why there were so many extra calories.  For once, I didn’t eat them.  I still made low calorie choices.  This day I actually ate four smaller meals and it felt pretty good.
Tue:  Over by 196.  Didn’t have much time for exercise but I did squeeze in a quick DVD and some mall walking.  Had another restaurant meal and again chose well:  salmon salad.

I guess this is telling me that it isn’t simple.  That sometimes it isn’t just about the numbers but the food choices.  Even though I was over nearly every day, most of what I ate was still healthy, whole food.  And while I ran less, I did still exercise six out of seven days in some form or another.

OK even after going through it I’m still baffled.  But I’ll take it.

Current Week:  -1.8 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  13.8 lbs
Weeks Left to Goal Date:  3
Age:  42
BMI:  28.1


One response to “Wednesday Weigh In”

  1. Adelyn says :

    I think is this an important post. So often I read posts in the blog-o-sphere that make it all sound like simple science. While it is true that there are some constants–eat well, exercise, rest–what actually will happen is unpredictable. I think your looking for patterns is smart. You can guarantee it will be the same, but are looking for patterns that might help predict.

    Good for you!

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