Sometimes You Need A Break

So the last five or so days have been a little off.   I’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing myself and I finally just let myself relax a little bit.

My food choices?  Not terrible.  But there’s been a little more than there should be, pretty much every day this week.  I don’t think I’ve had a single day since Wednesday that has been under goal.  Again, not terrible choices, but just not salads all the time either.   I went out with some girlfriends Friday night and had fish broiled and served with marinara and sauteed spinach….excellent choice.  But it was a good sized portion and I ate every bit of it.  Saturday, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday at home.  Steak and roasted potatoes and salad.  I held back on the portions, but then there was cake.  Again, not a lot, but enough to push me over.

I decided not to stress about it.  Part of the reason I’ve been over is that I have had to exercise less this week.  My left ankle has been twinging and I didn’t want to push it.  I definitely didn’t want to run again until I got proper shoes.  I did a few good walks, and the foot felt stronger by Saturday.  I did research, asked around, and finally got a new pair of running shoes.  I ended up with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 13s.  They are made with a flexible, breathable fabric that I think will help my feet not rub and be irritated as I run.  The shoes are definitely wide enough for my feet.  They have good support and a bit of stability control, so they seemed like a good choice.

Today was the day to try them out.

I haven’t run in a solid six days, so I was worried about it.  At first I thought, I’ll try for five miles since I need to get some mileage back.  Then I thought, these are new shoes, maybe I should take it easy.  I finally bargained with myself to at least complete 5K, and then if things felt good, to keep going and see how far I wanted to go.

Right from the start, the run felt good.  So much better than my run last week.  I took it easy at first, and the miles just started to tick away.  I realized that my pace was picking up too, as I warmed up and got comfortable in the new shoes.  At the 5K mark I knew I could keep going to 4 miles.  And even after that, I thought, hey, you are still feeling strong here, let’s keep going.

I needed a good, strong run like this.  Even though I PRed my race a week ago, the run after it left me feeling like a failure and had me questioning if I really was still in the game.  I ended up running 4.85 miles this morning, and nearly all of it felt really, really good.  With my warmup walk, I logged 5.15 miles total, meeting my goal for the day.  My feet didn’t blister or rub or anything, which they have done in every other pair of shoes I’ve bought.  So I am very, very excited.

So I guess it is true.  Those tapers and rest days that people do really are necessary.  I didn’t rest enough after my last race and I didn’t pay enough attention to getting new shoes when it was time to do so.

The scale may not like my rest week this week, but my running stamina definitely did.


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One response to “Sometimes You Need A Break”

  1. PDX Running Chick says :

    Rest days are almost as important as running days. Sometimes you really do just need a break! And you’re heart is so incredibly strong the muscle memory of it is incredible — which you clearly saw after not running for 6 days — I’m glad your run was so empowering to you! I love runs like that! Hope the shoes continue to work out for you too!! Have a great week!

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