Rest Day

I decided, based on my schedule and my body’s signals, that yesterday needed to be a rest day.  My ankle has been bothering me since Sunday’s race, and with an all morning meeting during the time when I normally exercise, I decided that was a sign it was time to rest.  I’ve gone two solid weeks with some form of formal exercise every day, and I wondered if my body was reacting.

Also, there is this:

These are my running shoes after my Tuesday run. See, I have really wide feet.   Like double or triple E.  I also have what must be some pretty severe pronation going on.  My left foot always feels fine, but as you can see, that leg and foot turns inward when I run, so I overuse the ankle is an odd way.  It is more towards the middle of my foot, this turn.  On my right foot, the same thing must be happening, but it happens up near my toes, so I develop major blisters just under my right toe on the side of the foot.  Over time these blisters have formed a large callus there.  And that callous renders every new pair of shoes tight and uncomfortable on that foot.  Eventually I wear them in, and by wear them in, I mean that my huge callous starts wearing a hole in the shoe.

These shoes have had a small hole near my callous since before Thanksgiving.  I but I hesitated to get new shoes because I felt so good after wearing these shoes.  I wore them looking progressively worse for my Thanksgiving 5 miler, my 10K, my 4 miler, and this weekends 5K.  I think that may have been the last straw.

With me trying to achieve serious running goals, it’s time for new shoes.  Clearly I need to do some research to find the best ones for my issues.  Because while I enjoyed having a rest day, they definitely cannot keep happening due to injury.


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