Wednesday Weigh In

I’m up 0.2 lbs this morning.  Trying to figure out why that is, so let’s look back at the week:

Wed:  Under calories by 68.  This was the day I did strength training and then added a quick treadmill run at the end.
Thu:  Under by 493.  I walked 3.5 miles this day.
Fri:  Under by 16.  I ran 3.1 miles and then ran/walked another mile.
Sat:  Over by 109.  I walked 2.8 miles.
Sun:  Over by 726.  This was 5K race day and I walked another 2.3 miles.
Mon:  Over by 113.  I did strength training this day.
Tue:  Under by 18.  I ran about 2 miles and ran/walked another mile because my left ankle has been bothering me since race day.

So I guess it makes sense.  Even though I was under 4/7 days, the deficits on those days did not erase the overages on the other days.   My overages equal about 950 calories and my deficits are only about 550 calories.

Lesson?    If I have a high day I need to have a super low day to counteract it.    Last week I had high days and lower days but the deficits canceled out the overages.  Based on this week’s negligible number, I would say the magic number is probably around 300 or less.  If I can keep my weekly overage under 300 cumulative, I probably will lose.

Even though I exercised every day, I didn’t have any long runs this week.  My ankle has been bothering me, and I haven’t wanted to push it.  I planned on five miles yesterday, and just before the 2 mile mark I could feel a pull.  I’ve hurt this ankle before, and so I started walking.  I picked up the running again, but it still hurt.  So unfortunately I think I’m going to have to ease up on the running for the next week so that I won’t have a problem with my race in two weeks.  I’ve got some cardio DVDs that I haven’t tried yet, so that’s my plan.

Current Week:  +0.2 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  15.6 lbs
Weeks Left to Goal Date:  4
Age:  42
BMI:  28.4


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