So, Sunday was race day but it also ended up being a high calorie day, even on top of the running.

After the race, I had a beer and three munchkins.  I have been trying to avoid the donuts/sweets/carbs at the post race tables (if I get anything, it’s usually a plain bagel) but for some reason, I though they wouldn’t be that bad.  3 of them clocked in at 240 calories!  Plus the beer, and I erased any calories I burned in the race.  DAMN.  It can happen that fast.

I knew I’d be having dinner with friends that night so even though it was a race day I took the dog for a walk.   Forty minutes later, I’d earned back a few calories, but not many.  Sure enough, even though dinner was a few drinks and small portions, I was well over my calories for the day.  Which just irritates the crap out of me.

I stepped on the scale in the morning yesterday to find it two pounds higher than it had been on Friday morning.  Honestly.  That made yesterday a day of trying to talk myself out of self sabotage.  Good Witch made me do strength training, menu plan for the week with healthy options and go grocery shopping.  Bad witch opened a bag of sour cream and onion rice cakes.  By the end of the day, that bag (not a huge bag but still) was gone.

And I was still hungry.  DAMN.

The scale is up even a tiny bit more this morning over yesterday!  I mean, I binged on freaking rice cakes.  I was only over my allotment yesterday by 100 or so calories.

Days like this are the reason people stop trying.  Because you can have so many days of being on track, and you have one or two days of being even just slightly off and you fall backwards yet again.  So frustrating.

Today will be a better day.  But I just had to get that out of my system.


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