Quick Friday Recap

Not a lot of time on the weekend but I really want to stay true to my thinking about each day to push me forward with motivation for the next.

Yesterday I fell back a little into some old habits.

The day started out weirdly.  I wanted to do a good 4.5 miles as my last run before the race on Sunday.  I did my five minute warm up walk, marveled at how wonderful the weather was (38 felt like heaven compared to what we’ve had this winter) and got on my way.  But I struggled.  I think I was pushing it on my pacing again, but still, by the 5K mark I was really looking for air.

I realized the skipping dinner the day before might be the reason.  I just didn’t have the fuel to push much farther.  I made the last mile a combo of walking and running and ended up with about 4.3 logged for the day.  Not far off of my goal, but it felt like a lot less, and so I wasn’t in a good headspace about it.

Lunch with a girlfriend was next.  Two lunches out this week!  Oh my.  We went to a little place and needed to order meatless because it was Friday.  I decided a margherita pizza was the best choice, and enjoyed it.  All of it.  I could have stopped but I didn’t.  As we sat there and kept talking, it just kept going in my mouth.  I made a conscious decision to do so.  I mean, it wasn’t the worst thing, it was a good choice, but still.

Oh, and the two glasses of wine we had with lunch, too.  OY.

Dinner was another status quo.  My husband brought home fried fish and french fries for dinner.  It is lent after all.  I went light on the fries and only ate a little fish.   I didn’t go for the usual tartar sauce at least.  And two more glasses of wine.  OY.

Because of the running I actually was just under my calorie goal for the day (no lie, by like 5 calories).  But it was a good cautionary tale as to how easy it is to slip when you let yourself not pay as much attention.

Today, I will pay attention.



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