Yesterday was one of those days that test you.  I think I passed the test with a B-, maybe.

I had a lot of work to get done at the computer yesterday.  Hours of it.  Tons of time just sitting there in front of it.  Not an active day at all.  I knew this going in, so I planned to work out in the morning.  Looking at the calendar, I wanted to walk on Thursday, run on Friday, walk on Saturday so I could have a strong race on Sunday.

But the weather was drizzly and cold yesterday.  I opted for the treadmill.  Again.  I’m learning to appreciate it.  60 minutes later, I hopped off and started my day.

A few hours into the work I had to do, my cousin offered to take me to lunch.  We went to a fancy Italian place.


I opted for potato leek soup, a chicken mushroom dish and a glass of wine.

I thought about the linguine with clams.  Couldn’t decide if the pasta/butter was a good choice, but I thought probably not.  There was also margherita pizza, which probably wasn’t a bad choice either, but protein felt like the right move.

I could have ordered the salad but the soup was a puree, not cream based, so not terrible.

I could have ordered a soda, but I opted for the wine.  One glass.  Which I savored and appreciated.

The lunch was filling.  Too filling actually.  So filling that I honestly didn’t need dinner.  So while it was nearly a thousand calories all told, it still didn’t put me over my calories for the day because I didn’t eat anything after it.  Is that good?  Probably not, but at least I recognized my body telling me that even though it was “dinner time”, my body didn’t really need dinner because it was still working on lunch.

So overall, I think I passed the test.  There are always choices like these, days like these.  I just have to take them one at a time.


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