I want to talk about some exercise victory from yesterday today.

I have a few DVDs I use for strength training.  I started out a few months back doing them with three pound weights.  Then as I grew strong again I moved up to the five pound ones.  I’ve never moved beyond them.

But one of my DVDs showed me that I could “double up” on the weights doing certain exercises.  So yesterday, I combined them for most of the DVD, moving from 5 lbs in each hand to 8.  And while I couldn’t do that for the entire DVD, it worked for much of it.  I’ve hesitated to buy 8 lb weights, because I have never felt ready for them.  Now, I think I might be up for the challenge.

When I finished the DVD (it’s a short one, only 35 minutes including warmup and cooldown….this is both great when you’re busy and not good when you want more) I realized I wanted to do more.  I thought about the calendar this week and realized I could sneak in a short run.  I race on Sunday, which means I won’t want to run Saturday…so Wed/Fri I could run.

I headed down to my basement treadmill as it was pouring rain.  I figured a quick 15 minutes would do the trick.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find running on the treadmill harder for several reasons.  I am consistently slower on it.  It’s boring.  I get tied up in how much time left, how fast I’m going.  So while I can blow out a 5.5 mph pace on a flat surface for a while outside, I have never really run much faster than 4.7 mph on my treadmill.

Until yesterday.

That quick fifteen minute run was the longest I’d ever maintained anything above 4.7 mph on my treadmill, and the only time I’ve gone faster than 5.0 mph.  It felt good.  It felt really good to see that progress happening.

Thanks to that run and solid food choices yesterday I ended the day 68 calories under goal.  🙂


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