Weekend: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So….it was a mixed bag for the weekend.

The Good:  I ran my 4 mile race Saturday morning.  I felt strong and good about it, didn’t feel overwhelmed or that it was too hard (well, that one big hill….) for me.  I also took a long walk yesterday (didn’t want to run after the race).  My food choices were pretty good too.  Lots of whole foods, very little processed anything.  Even after the race, when I normally choose something carb-y, I opted for a banana and orange slices.

The Bad:  I was still over on calories on both days.  Not a lot on Saturday, because of the race.  By 195 yesterday.   We ended up going over to our cousin’s on Saturday night to celebrate her mom’s birthday, so there was food and booze and cake.   Yesterday I did really well, but again felt the familiar pangs around 5pm.  We had planned on eating early last night, so a little brown rice California Roll snack before dinner took care of it.

The Ugly:  Both days, I was over because of booze.  Saturday night I really blew it and drank six drinks.  On a race day when I hadn’t really eaten a lot, so I was really tipsy.  Four glasses of champagne (it was a birthday celebration) and two glasses of red wine.  Yikes.  Last night I had three glasses of red wine, mostly because my husband was going away for a business trip today and we felt like having a nice meal with wine.  Except I had one glass too many.

So…overall the weekend wasn’t a total washout.  Food choices were good, exercise was good.  But I must get back on the wagon if I want to post a loss this week  My goal is to not only erase last week’s gain of 1.6 but to go beyond that.  I’d like to see more than two pounds down on the scale when I step on Wednesday.

Going to push hard for a good two days here.


2 responses to “Weekend: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. Miz says :

    ((moves over and points to a space next to her on the wagon))

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