Three In A Row and A Race Today

Three solid days of roundly good choices and really paying attention to my food and exercise.

Yesterday I ended under my calorie allotment by 189 calories.  This only because I earned 350 by walking….so if I hadn’t taken that long walk, I would have been over.  And this shocks me, because I was truly hungry yesterday.  Truly hungry in the afternoon between lunch and dinner.  Around 5 pm I really wanted to have something to eat, even though I was cooking dinner and I knew it would be on the table in less than an hour. Normally, I would snack at this time.  This time, I thought about it and made myself wait.

It feels good to feel in control and seeing the scale cooperate.  I stepped on the scale this morning fully clothed, with a heavy sweater on and flannel PJs, and I still weighed 1.2 lbs less than I did on Wednesday (when I was not, ahem, fully clothed).  So I’m probably down around 2, which would be awfully nice.  Need to keep this momentum up this weekend.  Weekends are always more challenging, as they are for everyone I suppose.

Today is a race day for me.  I was supposed to run the Sweetheart 4 Miler two weeks ago, but we had a blizzard.  They had originally postponed it until the next day, but with 30+ inches of snow, that just didn’t happen.  The town where it is to be held didn’t even have school most of the following week, the roads were still so bad.

I feel as prepared as I can be.  Fortunately this morning is not as cold as it has been.  I ran outside the other day when it was just 22 degrees and while I did it, it wasn’t exactly pleasant.  Right now it is about 35, which is perfect.  By race time it may be closer to 40, which would be fantastic.  We are due to get more weather here today, but it should hold off until I am done with the race.  This race is billed as challenging….there are hills.  So I will be slow and steady to keep my energy up for those hills.   I am hoping it isn’t any worse than the 4 mile trail race I did here, which was indeed super hilly and also, trails.  Either way, I plan on approaching it like my last race, the Central Park Run, and just go slow and enjoy and finish strong.

Today will be another good day.



One response to “Three In A Row and A Race Today”

  1. Sylvia says :

    Enjoy your race today and you sound prepared, and ready to go.

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