Another Good Day

Two in a row.

I’m calling it a good day even though My Fitness Pal tells me I was over calories yesterday.  Here’s the thing:

I’m 5 feet tall.  That’s really short. I’m talking needs a step stool for everything short.  If you knew me, I’d likely be the shortest person you know (unless you know my sister too, because she is two inches shorter than me).  Which means my calorie needs and my weight are both supposed to be very, very small.

So MFP puts me on 1200 calories a day.  Which in a normal day, when I exercise, is not a huge problem to keep close to.  A run day will give me around 500 calories on top of that.  Even a good long walk puts me around 300 more, and I can work with that.  But on a day, like yesterday, where I do some strength training or a rest day?

It’s hard to stay under 1200.  Even when you’re having a good day, and being conscious of what you eat.

I’m not going to lie, yesterday was a struggle.  I was HUNGRY between lunch and dinner.  I nearly opted for frozen yogurt with the kids in between.  And I’m not going to lie, if they’d had better flavors in the tubes yesterday I probably would have done it.  But nothing tempted me.  So I was able to resist.

Even with eating hummus and carrots and unsalted almonds and Greek Yogurt and butternut squash soup and all of the good choices I made yesterday, even with 40 minutes of solid strength training, I still clocked in at 129 calories over yesterday.

I’m still going to call it a good day.


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