One Good Day

I had a good day yesterday.  One good day.  Maybe it’s not much, but I needed it.

I started off the day with what has become a pretty typical breakfast:  plain Greek yogurt with half a banana, a clementine, a handful of frozen berries (fresh ones are too expensive and not very good this time of year) and a sprinkling of granola and maple syrup.

It was COLD yesterday.  I had planned on a walk, but then realized when I looked at the week’s schedule and my race on Saturday that it really should be a run.  The thought of running in the 20+ mph gusty frigid wind took the momentum right out of me.  I did a little work before I finally talked myself into running on the treadmill.

4 miles later, I felt glad I did the run.

After errands, I grabbed some chicken and rice soup from our local soup place.  Last week when I went I chose corn chowder.  Not only was it not very good, it was heavy and clearly not very good for you.  The chicken and rice soup was perfect.  Light, but with big chunks of chicken in it.

More work at home before my stomach was grumbling again by 2:30.  I opted for a handful of unsalted almonds and some pop chips.  I had to finally get some unsalted nuts.  I know the nuts are good for me, but when they are salted I eat too many.  The pop chips are salty enough and not nearly as calorie filled.

Kids had a lot of ferrying around to do yesterday so I needed a simple meal that would fit in between kid activities.  I opted for a salad and no yolk egg noodles with marinara.  Quick, easy, and lower in calories.

I ended the day a little hungry.  Normally I would get a glass of wine or raid the pantry cabinet, but instead I made myself go to bed.

All in all, a good day.  Looking forward to another one today.  I just need to get these better choices feeling more like habits.


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