Race Postponed

I guess when you sign up for a race in February, you need to be prepared for possible disappointment.  Still, who could have guessed that Mother Nature would go in for the kill by dumping 30 inches of snow on us within hours of the race time?

I didn’t even sign up for the race until 10 days out, when I could see a little bit of weather trends and saw that Saturday’s weather was supposed to be fine.  Sure, it looked like snow on Friday, but as long as it was done by nightfall, I figured it could be cleaned up in time.

Ha ha.

And what’s crazy in my lead up to this incredible storm that has totally paralyzed this region, I was most worried about a: losing power and b: not being able to run my race.  Isn’t that messed up?  It’s how much I looked forward to this run.  I have been having to run on the treadmill so much that I was truly looking forward to a crisp, outdoor winter run with a bunch of other winter runners.  And, the T shirt.  I really wanted that Sweetheart Run long sleeved T!

I’ve come a long way.  A very long way.

Believe me, I’m very grateful that we fared as well as we have in this storm.  It was a lot of snow that took my husband and I hours to clear with 2 snowblowers and a lot of muscle.  But we had power, plenty of food and gas for the machines, and we dealt with it.  We were lucky, and I am not complaining about this storm at all.  We live in New England.  We get Noreasters.  It happens.

Fortunately, even my silly little race wish has been granted.  Even though race sign ups often say that races will be cancelled with no refunds if bad things happen, this one isn’t.  It’s been postponed for two weeks (might take that long to get the route ready after so much snow….).  So yay, me.  I’m fortunate AND I get to run a race in a few weeks.

I just hope everyone who is affected by this storm is getting what they need as well.  Good luck out there people!


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One response to “Race Postponed”

  1. runninginnj says :

    I had a race cancelled too but I had a free entry and picked up my shirt 2 days prior. Who knows if they’ll reschedule – I might be annoyed if I’d paid though. All told it was the right decision even though we only had 8 inches (it was pretty icy in places when I went out to run).

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