January: Month of Static


I wanted to do a nice January recap post here.  I track a lot of what I do, so I thought it would be relatively easy to pull data on what I’ve tracked and how far I’ve run, etc etc to get a little extra feedback on where I am.

Because I’m feeling static.

I still have not regained my pre holiday weight, after a full month.  I know exactly what I’m doing wrong, of course.  I don’t need to go through all of my data (and let me tell you, I’ve spent half an hour trying to do so….it isn’t as easy as I thought to do) to know that I am eating too much of the salty, starchy foods and drinking a few too many glasses of wine.

I am doing well on the exercise front, though January brought weather challenges with it.  I really don’t like running on my treadmill in the basement, but I know I am lucky to have it in my house, as an option.  I did it several times this month, but didn’t track the distance anywhere….I need to do that so I can keep better track of my total miles.  Running in the cold is hardly ever an issue for me; I like cold weather running.  But when it got to days where the high temperature was 15 degrees, I balked.  We also had snow a few times this month, enough to where I felt unsafe running outdoors.  I am hoping that we are done with the super cold days at this point so I can get back out there.  I did have a fantastic run on Friday, 6.2 miles with another half mile or so of warmup/cooldown walking.  It felt good enough to inspire me to sign up for a February race, so that part is going well.

It’s the food.  I need to inspire myself to get it back on track.  I do track it, pretty well actually, using My Fitness Pal.  I have been over my allotted calories more than usual lately.  A few girls’ nights out plus getting a little lazy on the snack front (salted nuts and pita chips, all week this week) has given me two weeks of slight losses plus two weeks of sizable gains in January.   It’s frustrating, because I have no one to blame but myself.  I could be below the 140 mark at this point, and instead I’m still above 145.  Because essentially I blew the whole month.

So new month, new and better choices.

Today is the SuperBowl.  Instead of going all total crap, my contribution to today’s party will be fresh guacamole with vegetables and a healthier buffalo chicken dip.  I know there will be drinking but I am going to pair each one with a glass of water.  It will slow me down and keep me hydrated.

Time to recommit.




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