Longest Run Yet: 7.42 Miles

So it was further than I’ve ever gone today, but definitely not faster.  A total of 7.42 miles, 7 of it the “run” portion.  I put that in quotes because there was walking involved there too.

I haven’t run over 5 miles since my 10K two weeks ago today, so it was time.  I needed to get a long run in, adding more distance.  Technically I probably should have done 6.5 miles today but I was itchy since it has been so long.  I decided to go for 7, even if it meant some walking.  I planned an ambitious route, knowing there were hills (“I need the practice,” I smugly thought to myself).  I wasn’t sure of the mileage, but I figured I’d adjust as I went along.

Yeah.  That.

7 Mile Run

Mile one and two felt fine.  I was going along my normal route, having done a five minute warmup walk.  The weather today was warmer than yesterday, perfect running weather for me (35 degrees, slight breeze).  Around mile three I started to feel tired, not terrible, but a little bit.  I thought at this point how maybe I should think about getting a water belt for these longer runs, as I was a little thirsty.

No big deal.  Around this point I thought about adjusting my route, knowing there was a big hill coming up.  But I talked myself out of it.  I needed to deal with hills.  So I kept going, finally letting myself walk a bit just before and after the hill.  That was fine.

Then around mile four I started to feel funny.  Like possibly maybe dehydrated.  I was in a slight incline and I decided there was just going to have to be more walking on this one.  I wasn’t going to stop until I hit 7 miles, dammit.  Even if it meant some of it was walking.

I felt better once I let myself agree to some walk breaks, and by mile 5 I was feeling pretty good again.  I was also on a flat road; coincidence?  Probably not.  I kept going, past the park at the end of my street and down a lovely hill to get myself up to the six mile mark.  Which I was loving, even though I knew it meant I was going to have to go right back up it on my way back.  During my last mile.  Of a seven mile run.  Probably not my smartest choice.

But whatever.  I ran/walked the hill, hit the last half mile, and ran the rest of it.  I had about .15 of a mile left to go when I hit 7 miles, and let that be my cooldown walk.  I was tired, probably wasn’t quite ready for this distance and probably a little dehydrated.  So I wasn’t going to push it.

Still, I feel fine now, and kind of amazed that I logged 7.42 miles (including warmup and cooldown).  It’s still kind of unreal to me that I can do this.  Maybe there is a half marathon in my future after all.

7 Mile Run


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One response to “Longest Run Yet: 7.42 Miles”

  1. Sylvia @cowgirlwarrior says :

    I use Jeff Galloway’s training plan as I like that he promotes a walk break. He does all the training plans for Run Disney. I’m training for a local race on May 26. It’s the 49th Scotiabank Calgary Marathon & I’m doing the Centsur Subaru Half. Also eyeing the Disneyland Half in Sept. Are you going to FitBloggin?

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