Too Short (In A Good Way)

It’s cold.

It’s really freaking cold here.  The temperature outside this morning was 24.1 and dropping as I pondered whether or not I was going to indeed go out for my “long run” of 6.75 miles this morning.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like cold weather running.  My favorite running temperature is probably 35 degrees.  Once I’m out there I am toasty warm and eventually I get rid of the headband and the gloves because my blood is pumping so hard through my veins that I don’t need them anymore.

But somehow, the idea of running in 23 degree weather this morning put me off.  Way off.  It’s only 5 degrees.  Why am I such a wimp?

I felt lazy for a few minutes, and thought maybe I’d skip working out today.  I could do my long run tomorrow when it was in the thirties.  So maybe i could just sit on the sofa for a few minutes this morning instead and have a second cup of coffee.

I did, I thought about it.  But then I yelled at myself that this was stupid, because I hadn’t worked out at all yesterday, and after traveling this weekend, I couldn’t do another multi day slide.  So I popped in my favorite workout DVD and dialed up two workouts:  the hardest cardio one (which I never do because I remember it being so hard) and the strength training one (which I love).

And guess what?  That hard cardio workout, the one I always skip because I remembered it was too hard?

It was over before I even knew what was happening.  20 minutes of cardio and I was just getting started, but that workout was over.

Do you know how good that felt?  To realize how far I have come, that the once dreaded workout was now Too Short?  Man, that’s something else.

And I will do that long run tomorrow.  I will.


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