Pre Race Jitters

I’m gearing up for my 10K tomorrow.  I am nervous, very nervous.

Originally when I signed up for this race, a girlfriend of mine suggested we do the race together.  She’s a veteran NYC runner, and was going to drive us in and show me the ropes.  These races aren’t like the little country runs I do up here in CT.  These are thousands of people, so many that they corral you into groups based on ability.  So many they have a bag check for your things because you would never park close enough.  This is a race through Central Park.

But my girlfriend, who works in our public schools and is therefore deeply embroiled in the transfer of the Sandy Hook school to our district here in Monroe, CT, has been overwhelmed with everything she has had to do in the last few weeks.  When I saw her two days ago, she clearly had forgotten all about our race, and said that she wasn’t sure she was going to make it.

Cue in my panic.

This race starts at 8am.  I live an hour plus from NYC.  I still have yet to get my race packet, and had planned on doing tomorrow morning.  You have to do that by 7am.  Then you have to truck yourself the 19 blocks south from where the race packets live to the start line.  You have to be there by 7:45 to be in your corral.  This means likely I’d need to leave my house no later than 5am.

Which don’t get me wrong, is doable and all, but since I am not familiar with driving in the city (I usually take the train in, which takes longer), it freaked me out.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I don’t have any problem with my girlfriend begging off whatsoever; she’s been doing God’s work and I understand completely.  I just needed to figure this all out.

Cue in serendipity.

My husband has a cousin who is coming into town, suddenly, this week.  He’s staying through until Saturday, and he wants to meet up with our family in NYC Friday night.  So as luck would have it, we will now take the train in this afternoon, I can get my race packet this evening, have a nice meal with my husband’s cousin and our family, spend my sleepless pre race night in a nice hotel room in Times Square, and grab the subway in plenty of time to get in my corral by race time tomorrow.


I’m still nervous.  The course is a bit hilly.  It will be cold (but thankfully, not as cold as it has been recently).  6.2 miles isn’t a cakewalk yet for me, even on a flat course like the beach I ran on last week.  Still, I feel as prepared as I can be, and I know I’ll get through it.  I plan on trying to take photos with my phone during the race, something I wished I’d done during my last one.

So wish me luck!  Joe Kleinerman 10K Classic, here I come!


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