Unilever Holiday Baking Giveaway Winner

Remarkably, it’s already been a week since my Holiday Baking Giveaway began, and that means it is time to choose a winner.  Either I’m not good at promoting my blog or many readers simply didn’t need these awesome freebie goodies, because I had 11 entries on my first ever giveaway.

Unilever Baking Giveaway

I mean, who wouldn’t want these awesome goodies?

Anyway, I took a cue from the other blogs I’ve seen do giveaways and put the number of comments into the random number generator.  Here’s what it chose:

Unilever Holiday Baking Giveaway WinnerNumber 5.  Well that was easy.

Holiday Baking Giveaway Winner NameThat’s Alaine.  Alaine, I’ll be emailing you to set up your giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered.  I really did have a good time trying out the items and new, healthier recipes.   It’s a nice challenge to really try and make something delicious that you don’t feel guilty about consuming.



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