6.27 Miles

That’s how far I went this morning.  That means that I did 10K all at once for the third time in my life.

This was the only time I didn’t hate it.

I felt really, really good until about the four mile mark.  I started to get tired then, and it was a real mental push to keep going forward.   But weirdly, it was not my breathing or my heartrate that was my issue this time, as it normally is when I run.  It was the rest of my body.

My feet really started to hurt.  I started to feel little twinges here and there in my hips and back.  My legs started to feel heavier and tighter.  I suppose all of that is normal, and it used to happen before when I started increasing distance.  The more used to a distance I got, the later on I felt it.  I was feeling it at 50 minutes before.  Now it’s more around 70 minutes.

Here’s how the run broke down:

I walked for 5 minutes for a warmup. about .3 miles.

I ran for 76 minutes for a distance of 5.7 miles.  I was actually disappointed to see that my pacing was 13:21/mile.  This is significantly slower than my last distance run.  It also explains why I felt so good during this run; I wasn’t going too fast.  Still, it’s the distance that matters to me at this point; the speed will come later.

I walked for a minute, then ran for 2, walked another and then ran another 1.  This cooldown was a total of 4 minutes and .27 miles.

So altogether, including the walking, it was an 85 minute workout for a total of 6.27 miles.

My plan is to keep slowly increasing my distance by increments and do two of these longer runs a week with maybe a short 3-4 mile run on a third day.  My next run will be 6.0 full miles of running with a warmup and cool down.  Then 6.25.  Then 6.5.  I might repeat a few of these longer distances until this 10K distance feels good before trying to add more distance.

I guess from there, if things continue as they are, the next step would be half marathon training.  We’ll see.  I’ve never, ever thought that I wanted to do something beyond a 10K.  But now I’m kind of excited to think about how far I could make my body go.


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