Wednesday Weigh In: Post Thanksgiving Edition

I said I had hoped for a loss the week of Thanksgiving.

And I did it.

Down exactly 1 lb.  Is it crazy that I hoped for more?  Probably.

My food choices were good this week, even with Thanksgiving.  I ate more than I usually do that day, but not a crazy amount.  The food, other than the mashed potatoes and stuffing, was mostly healthy.  Because it was just the four of us, we didn’t do a crazy amount of appetizers or a boatload of fancy, tempting desserts.  I made a conscious choice not to have dessert the rest of the week while the family snarfed the leftovers.  I made a huge batch of turkey soup on Friday, which kept me in low calorie lunches until Monday.   I probably drank a little more than I should have, having two glasses of wine nearly every day, with more on Thanksgiving.

Exercise was good this week too.  I ran the 5 mile race on Thanksgiving, went on a three and a half mile hike the next day, and rounded out with walks and runs all week with one rest day.  I’m feeling good about where I’m at in my training and hoping to hit the magic 6.2 mile mark sometime in the next seven days.

I’m getting close to where I stalled last year, both in numbers and season.  I gave myself a “pass” of sorts the week of Christmas, and then injured myself in a New Year’s Eve race that took me off of running for nearly a month.  I didn’t recover my mojo for quite a while, and I never got back on track with the weight loss.  I’m within a pound of the number where that happened.  I am hoping to break through that in the next two weeks and move on from that mental block.

Current Week:  -1
Total Weight Left To Lose:  16.6 lbs
Weeks Left to Goal Date:  18
Age:  42
BMI:  28.6


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