Wednesday Weigh In

Down .6.

I was down a whole pound yesterday, and actually thought about putting that number up here this morning.  But since last week I was relieved when the number was significantly lower on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, I am going to be true to the concept of Wednesday Weigh Ins and put what the scale said today.  Disappointed though I am with it.

I thought this week would be a better week, closer to a 2 lb loss.  It was a good week for exercise, again, with me pulling through and coming up with my longest run without stopping ever.  On Friday I ran for 60 minutes without stopping at all on the trail, and then Monday I ran for 70:37 without stopping; 5.5 miles.  I ran those miles in the neighborhood, with hills, in preparation for tomorrow’s 5 mile race.  I did strength training two days, including yesterday (maybe I’m retaining water from that?).  It was a good week exercise wise.

Mostly it was a good week food wise too.  Good choices except for the wine intake, which again tends to be the wild card.  I had lunch with a girlfriend on Tuesday and we consumed more wine than we should, let’s just put it that way.  Overall, I am definitely on a downward trend there for sure, but it’s a work in progress.

Anyway, it is what it is.  .6 is still a loss, and I’m going to focus on that.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we’re staying at home.  I’m cooking healthier desserts, making traditional sides that I will eat less of, and focus on the turkey being a wonderful lean protein.  And if I slip a bit?  I’ll have run five miles in the morning in my race, so I’ll have a little wiggle room.  It’ll be fine.


Current Week:  -0.6
Total Weight Left To Lose:  17.6 lbs
Weeks Left to Goal Date:  19
Age:  42
BMI:  28.8


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