I Did It

I did it.  I ran today for 60 minutes without stopping.

I kind of cheated a little bit.  Well, not really.  I did this run on the super flat bike trail that is just a straight shot with very little elevation.  Last year when I did Couch to 5K this was where I started running.  It’s pretty, back in the woods, and since it is so flat, it was the perfect place to start running.  I realized later that I needed hills in my training, and now I mostly run in the neighborhood near my house because it has some slight hills.

That being said, I ran for the whole 60 minutes without stopping and no lie, it felt pretty good most of the way.  My breathing was spot on.  I never really had that “oh my gosh I can’t catch my breath” feeling or that “my heart is racing I’m going to die” feeling.  My pacing was a little slower than I’d like, 13:02 min/mi, but I was trying to make sure I could go the full 60 minutes, so I wanted to not tax myself too much.  I enjoyed this run much more than the last several I’ve done.  At the end,though,  my feet were the real problem; at the end of these long runs, they really start to ache.  I have very wide feet and I think they swell during the long runs.

I signed up for a 5 mile race on Thanksgiving morning.  I am, of course, doing Bridge to 10K, and while today’s run was the last run of the program, I’m so slow that I’m still between .7 to 1.0 miles off of the 6.2 miles that entails.  What I am doing in these latest runs is consistently 5 plus miles, so I know that’s a distance I can do.  Clearly I am going to have to keep at this doing 65 and 70 minute blocks until I can nail that 6.2 mile distance.

For now, though, I am psyched for this 5 mile race.  It’s supposed to be a big race (the site says the first 5000 people get shirts….I’ve never run in a race that big before), along the water, really pretty.  I finally feel like I am moving forward with my running, and it is a really good feeling.


3 responses to “I Did It”

  1. Mary says :

    Great job! Good luck on your race next week

  2. Adelyn says :

    What an inspiration. I just blogged about how excited I was to finally run 30 mins. It is all perspective, isn’t it. Soon I will be saying 60 mins too!! GOOD JOB!!

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