Wednesday Weigh In

I’m up .2 lbs.

I’m honestly grateful it wasn’t more.  I am not the least bit surprised about it.

I could feel myself slip all over the place this week.  While I ran good runs, we had snow on Wed/Thu last week that impacted my exercising.  I ended up shoveling and counting that as exercise (which it is, I know) but the cold, snowy days were not active days.  I went out to eat twice over the weekend and while I ate smaller than usual portions, my choices were not stellar.

And the drinking kicked up a notch for sure this week.  I had at least two glasses of wine nearly every single day, which I know adds up to a lot of calories at the end of the week.

Yesterday, when I stepped on the scale, the number was higher than it was this morning.  I realized how far off track I was and pulled it together.  Yesterday was a good day exercise and food wise, and it showed on the scale this morning.  The number was less.

So this week?   Back on track.  I have a limited time frame to work with here if I want to reach my goal by April.  I can’t waste weeks like this, not with the holidays looming.

Current Week:  +.2
Total Weight Left To Lose:  18.2 lbs
Weeks Left to Goal Date:  20
Age:  42
BMI:  28.9


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