Back In the Game

So as you may have heard, we had the hurricane impact our area last week.  We were so incredibly lucky that our house was undamaged (there were several in my neighborhood that had damage from falling trees).   Our worst thing to happen was a tie between:

a.  Kids home all week

b.  No power

Actually, combine those.  The worst of it, for us, which makes us lucky, is that we had kids home all week with no power.  They were bored, they were crabby, they were cold, they weren’t especially excited about the food choices.  A year ago I would have bitched to the high heavens about it (and, in fact, did, when we lost power twice in two extended outages thanks to weather related events).  But this storm?  So much worse for so many that mostly all I could feel was grateful that it wasn’t worse for us.

One of the things I did to prepare for this power outage (I did a lot of things, actually, but this is my health blog, so will talk about healthy stuff of course) was to burn my favorite exercise DVD to my laptop.  I know that sounds all sorts of crazy, but I wanted to be sure I could still exercise even in a power outage, even if I couldn’t go outside.

What a difference over the last few months that is.

And so I ended up exercising every day we were down for the storm.  My exercise last week looked like this:

Sunday (storm prep day):  4.75 mile run
Monday (storm ramp up and impact day):  60 min of workout DVD (still had power but it was rainy and windy outside)
Tuesday (OMG the storm is terrible, so much damage all around, shell shocked and no power day):  60 minute walk, mostly spent gawking at trees down everywhere along with the occasional power line
Wednesday (alternating between gratitude that the storm wasn’t worse and wondering how long the power will be out day):  50 minute walk, spent in wonder at the relative lack of progress in clean up efforts….our town was a mess.  Still no power.
Thursday (power outage getting old day):  35 minute workout DVD on laptop
Friday (praise Jesus, power restored night before as we were going to church):  45 minute run through the starting to get cleaned up neighborhood, spent sweating out much of the alcohol I’d consumed the night before celebrating the power coming back on
Saturday:  no exercise as I went to donate blood at the local Red Cross blood drive
Sunday:  76 minute, 4.2 mile walk on our local bike trail, including a portion that is hilly and rocky and is more like a hike than a walk
Monday (Today!):  5.34 mile run, completing the Week 5, Day 3 of Bridge to 10K.

Feeling pretty darn awesome about today’s run, and my efforts for the last week.  The storm was terrible for so many, and while it was unpleasant here, it was just a blip on our radar.  So, so incredibly amazed at what has happened to our south, and how the world you know can just disappear in an instant.  Our world changed for a few days, and it wasn’t easy, but it is already back to normal.  I’m alternating between gratitude and guilt on that point, but trying to not let it derail the good I feel about my efforts last week.  I’m really trying and I feel proud that I stuck with it, even when it got hard last week.



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