Bridge To 10K

I just finished Week 3, Day 1 of Bridge to 10K.  I’ve already completed this program once.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t run a 10K right at the end….I finished the training but then through a series of this and that, I didn’t run the 10K for more than a month after I was done with the training.  I wasn’t ready for that 10K.  I had run the distance just once prior to the race, and it was on a relatively flat route.  Imagine my surprise when I found the 10K I chose to be filled with hills, throughout the whole route.  I finished third from last, totally demoralized and not dreaming that I would attempt it again any time soon.

That was May.  My running fell off a great deal in the summer, due to the heat, travel and my kids’ schedules.  The only time I could really get a run in was at 5:30am, before the heat of the day and before my husband left for work.  Every time I did it I was glad, but it was very, very hard to motivate myself to do so.  By September I had gone so long without running that I restarted Couch to 5K, nearly a year to the day that I’d started it the first time.  I realized that my comfort zone was in Week 5, which had me doing five and seven minute runs.


It pissed me off, frankly.  I read blogs about people who were running half marathons on their one year running anniversaries.  I was barely able to finish a 5K without feeling like I was dying.  And my times hadn’t improved at all; my best time was 37:19, and that was only a few seconds off of the 37:24 I ran last December.

I put on a B210K run a few weeks ago just to get myself back out there and used to running for more than 30 minutes total.  I knew I could hack the 10 minute intervals.  Then I did another one.  Then I decided to move onto Week 2.  And suddenly I realized, why not just restart the program?  The runs are getting easier.  I can go longer, further, and it doesn’t feel like I’m going to die anymore.  I have always liked the structure of a program; it keeps me from falling off the wagon.  So last week I finished Week 2, and today was onto Week 3.

Week 3 consists of 3 17 minute long intervals.  Five minute warm up walk to start, one minute walks between the intervals, 5 minute cooldown walk to finish it.

The first interval felt great.  I didn’t even really feel like I needed to stop when I did, but knew I needed to conserve my energy for later.

The second interval, I could start to feel my energy starting to fade.  I had to really focus on my breathing and pacing to make it through.

The third interval I knew would be hard.  There was a hill about four minutes in, but I was ready for it.  I slowed my pace and got through it.  The last interval felt really long; around the 12 minute mark I finally checked my iPod to see if I was close to being done, and was surprised to see that I still had over 5 minutes left.  I slowed my pace and just got through it.  By the end I was feeling good again.  Still, I didn’t run any of my cooldown.  I needed to rest, and I felt like I’d earned it.

I am actually thinking of maybe finding a 10K to do in a few weeks.  I feel like in just a few weeks, if I’m consistent, I might be able to do it.

Total Miles:  4.85
Run Pace:  12:26/mi
Walk Pace:  14;40/mi
Avg. Pace:  12:59/mi
Ran through a neighborhood with gentle hills


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One response to “Bridge To 10K”

  1. Heather H (@SushiJammies) says :

    Proud of you for getting back into it, it’s tough! You’re awesome.

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