Wednesday Weigh In

Home with a sick kid today, so I guess I have time to post this.

I’m down .8 of a pound this week.  A loss is good, I know.  But I had seriously hoped for better.

I started off the week strong with healthy choices and good workouts.  I am back on the Bridge to 10K training circuit and completed Week 1 last week.  I had to do some treadmill running due to weather, but I felt good about the runs.  I did pretty well food wise until the weekend.

All of the drama surrounding my daughter led to major stress eating on my part.  Not terrible food choices mind you, but just lots of food (and drink) to fill the sad hole all of her hurt had created.  I know this is never good.  But I honestly could hear myself saying, “You deserve this.  You’ve had a hard time today.  Just go ahead.”

I wallowed.  I wallowed right up until last night when I finished off all of the Green Lite Bites cookies I made and threw in two peanut butter Oreos just to seal the deal.

But this morning, even though I have a kid sick at home, I still made myself get on the treadmill to start Week 2 of Bridge to 10K.  Even though I was mad at the scale (actually, considering the cookies and such yesterday it could have been a lot worse).  Even though I was mad at having to stay at home a second day with a sick kid.  Even though I feel really, really powerless in a lot of areas right now.  This one thing I had control over.  I could get down on that treadmill and rock that run.

And I did.  I feel good.  I ran for 45 minutes with two one minute walk breaks.  I feel amazing.

So moving on.  Today I’m going to just focus on each choice in front of me, trying to make the right one.  It’s all I have right now.

Weigh In Stats:

Current Week:  -.8
Total Since Start of Challenge:  +1.2
BMI:  29.6


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One response to “Wednesday Weigh In”

  1. Heather H (@SushiJammies) says :

    this sounds like some beautifully imperfect action to me… 🙂

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