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Holy crap, it’s over.

There’s so much I want to say about FitBloggin’.  Truly, as much as I’d loved the first two days, it was the third day that really put it completely over the top for me.  In the morning I did two absolutely killer workouts: the first with Fit Trampoline.  It was super hard.  It was super fun.  I usually hate tough workout classes.  I avoid BootCamp anything like the plague.  But this was different.  I don’t know if it was the people I was with, the lower impact of the trampoline, or what, but even though I knew I was working hard, I was absolutely loving it.  I went full out right to the end.  It was freaking awesome.

After that, it was Zumba.  Yep.  Back to back workouts.  I am not this type of person.  But I’ve never tried Zumba and I’ve always heard great things about it.  Plus, this session was being led by Mrs. Fatass, who everyone was raving about.

They were right.  Sue, along with Sam, led a high energy session of Zumba to oh, like 100 people all at once.  It was crazy.  I did all the moves wrong.  But it was fun and loud and I kept on sweating.  There’s something insanely motivating about having a room full of people of all different fitness levels going at a workout like that.  I didn’t feel self conscious or stupid or uncoordinated.  I just felt good.  I haven’t really ever had that happen except with running.  And so now my mind is more open about maybe doing some other things.  Thanks, Sue!

The workouts that morning changed my view of exercise classes.  Maybe it isn’t that I hate them.  Maybe it’s that I haven’t found the right ones yet.

I had somewhat of a dilemma at this point.  While I wanted to go to the nuts and bolts informational sessions in the afternoon,  because not only would they help me improve my blog traffic (insert my whiny “WHAT ABOUT ME” from previous post here), they would also help me with my paid website clients.  But as I spoke with my new friend Sylvia, she convinced me that I might get more out of going to the discussion session that afternoon called “When You Have a Lot To Lose.”  We reasoned that whatever information might be presented at the other workshops would be well recapped online, but that an emotional discussion sharing session couldn’t be recaptured in the same way.

She was so right.

It was that afternoon session that really pulled the whole conference together for me.  It showed me the real reason that all of these people were together here.  Sure there was learning to be had, and famous bloggers to stalk, but at the end of the day, we all blog for the same reason.

To connect.  To share.   To support.  To inspire and be inspired.

As I listened to story after story, I heard more and more pieces of my own.  This person was just like me in one way.  That one in another.  That one stole the words right out of my own thoughts at that moment.  We were all the same in some way or another.  We were all connected by a common need to be more, do more, but have all struggled within ourselves at some point or another, in some way or another, to get there.  To feel like our very best version of ourselves.  Most of us are just somewhere on the journey.  No one is ever really there.

It was what Oprah would call an “a-ha” moment.  It made everything make sense.  To use an overused phrase, a life changing moment.

By the time the reception rolled around later that evening, I was full to the brim.  I went from blogger to blogger and just connected.  Took photos, shared hugs, thanked them for sharing their stories with me, with the universe.

The three glasses of wine didn’t hurt either, of course.  I know I made that rule about having one glass a day.  But if you read the fine print I put in there “weekdays”.  I know myself that well, at least.  It was a Saturday, wooohoo.

Here are some photos with those that I stalked connected with Saturday night.


(I will put names and websites on these, I promise, but hubby has made dinner and after four days away, it probably is a good idea to pay attention to him at this point).

More to come on the 5K and the final day….


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5 responses to “Home From FitBloggin’”

  1. Patty says :

    Amy, what a wonderful recap! I’m so glad that I met you at FitBloggin and that you got so much from the conference.There is just so much more to write. I almost don’t know where to start! 🙂

  2. redstar5 says :

    Amy it was so good to meet you this weekend. I wish we had had more time to chat and I’m sad I missed most of the reception and a photo op with you and my Tara. (that’s a great shot of you two)!

    Most of all I’m so glad you came to our session. Your feelings are exactly why we put the proposal together for the discussion and were so excited when we were selected. I was having so many of the same feelings that afternoon and even as facilitator was having epiphany after epiphany listening to the stories.

    You are amazing and I’m looking forward to following your journey!

  3. Caroline Calcote says :

    Great recap! I’m sorry we didn’t get to connect at the conference, but I love reading the perspectives of everyone that was there. I was scared to death of Zumba (no coordination here), but it did turn out to be really fun. Lots of first time work outs for me at Fitbloggin!

  4. Sylvia says :

    So happy to have met you on the first day and being buddies for the experience. Those discussions will live with me forever, countless Aha moments. I do hope there are more of these in future FitBloggin events. Truly amazing people being so brave and so honest.

  5. Jessica@SweatIsMySanity says :

    Great recap, I’m glad you too loved fitbloggin. I LOVE fitness classes, especially Zumba, bootcamp, yoga and step. I didn’t go to the ‘when you have a lot to lose’ discussion, but heard great things about how powerful it was. 🙂 I went to the other class, so check out my blog. Today’s post is called Tip Me Tuesday where I’m sharing some fitbloggin tips…I’ll keep posting more in the next few weeks.

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