A Bit Intimidated But Ready For More

Back in the hotel room, I’ve gone through Twitter with a fine tooth comb and my head is a blur thinking about the day.  The morning was all about the fitness portion, and the afternoon was all about the nuts and bolts of blogging.

First off, in my desperate need for a shower after six whole minutes of Cross Fit and about half of Cathe Friedrich’s workout session (I was LiveBlogging, that’s my excuse), I missed the one session I had totally been desperate to see:  Transition from Blog to Book.  My other blog originally started out as my retelling of my life story, one moment at a time.  I have always been told it would translate well into a book.  But alas, I needed a shower, so I guess I’ll not be figuring out how to make that happen today.


Anyway, after I was clean, I went to Emily Sandford’s session on social media.  I LOVED IT.  Holy smokes, it was freakin’ geek heaven. It tied everything together so well for me that I have been trying to teach myself as not only a blogger but a web designer.  The information was so pertinent and so useful, and clearly presented.  Plus Emily is very funny.  I mean, I was so excited I took pictures of her slides!

I also went to the Business of Blogging discussion session today.  And as much as I felt like I was in my element in the social media session, this one left me feeling very intimidated.  So many bloggers who have been building businesses from their words online.  Nearly everyone in the room seemed to have been at it for years.  And while I’ve blogged consistently for three years now, I still felt like a total novice beginner.  And then I began to question why I blog.  I mean, I blog mostly for me, and while I’ve always hoped my work finds an audience, I’ve never really worked to build that.  One of the comments today in this session was “We don’t exist without an audience.”  My other blog, three years in, sometimes only gets 10 pageviews in a day.  So does that mean I don’t exist?  I’m still mulling over that discussion in my head.  I mean, all of these people were able to build these big audiences?  My inner teenage insecure girl was screaming “What’s Wrong With MEEEEEEE?”  That being said, I’ll have to revisit my notes and see if I can do more.


I don’t know if it was my feelings of inadequacy or the fact that Roni was speaking to a woman I met last night at the mixer, but I finally decided it was time to introduce myself to Roni Noone.  I told her how I have been following her blog for five years, how she has been so inspirational to me with her struggles and her honesty.  She was just as nice as I had ever imagined she would be, and even posed for this photo with me.  It made me feel slightly less inferior when she retweeted my Instagram of it.


Unfortunately all of my newly found pals had disappeared while I had my star struck fangirl moment, so I was left all alone to go hunt down dinner.  I walked around the Harbor area for a while and decided that if I was in freaking Baltimore, I should be eating seafood while looking at the water.  Which is why I ordered Maryland Crab soup and the biggest glass of wine I could have without having the whole bottle.


It was a little weird to eat all alone, but hey, if you had something like this put in front of you, you’d forget that it felt weird and enjoy, right?  Well, that’s just what I did.  The mussels and crab soup were delish! I did end up breaking my no bread rule with that garlic bread though.  It sopped up the wine and garlic sauce so nicely.

After dinner I went back to the Ignite Keynote session.  I’m glad to say I met up again with my new friend Heather Hurd of my morning workout, so most of my inferiority complex was able to stay well at bay.  The other girls at the table were super nice too.

The five minute speeches ran the gamut and were alternately inspiring, hilarious and educational.   I left fully recharged and ready for tomorrow to begin.  Tomorrow…I am ready for you.


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2 responses to “A Bit Intimidated But Ready For More”

  1. Emily Sandford (@skinnyemmie) says :

    It was so great to meet you, Amy! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the presentation. I did want to make a point to tell you that your blog is for YOU, so don’t let anyone make you feel like it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you get the traffic others do. It’s not a competition – it’s an outlet for each of us to use how we see fit. If working to grow your following is your goal, then by all means, work at it. But please don’t feel in any way diminished if you have a different goal.

    Also, if you go to FitBloggin’ next year (and I hope you do), please tweet me if you don’t want to eat alone!

    • mostlyforward says :

      Thank you, Emily! It was great to meet you too. I appreciate your thoughts. I didn’t take away that it was a competition per se, but the gist of what I took away from some of the commentary was that we need to write for our audience. I’ve always looked at it the other way; that if I write for me, an audience of like minded people will follow. That being said, I do think that there are ways to go find some of those like minded people and let them know I exist….and I know that thanks to you! 🙂

      I really do hope to get to the next FitBloggin; I will definitely take you up on your offer next year if I do!

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