Quick Fitbloggin Post

Super quick post, a la Roni Noone’s photo blog posts….


Since I’m not staying at the conference hotel, I had to find it after I arrived in Baltimore.  It meant a lovely, lovely stroll around the inner harbor this afternoon.  The weather was perfect!  And because I was closer than I thought I was, I ended up being THE VERY FIRST person to register this afternoon for Fitbloggin.  Yes, my family will not be surprised to hear I was nearly an hour early.  They hate that about me.


I embarassed myself not being able to choose between the Exercise Bands swag bag or the Yoga mat bag.  I flip flopped and ended up choosing the Yoga Mat bag (and yet, inexplicably did not take a photo of the offending item).  Look at all the freakin’ swag!  If you don’t see it there, there is a brand new pair of Reeboks in that mess ‘o goodies.  AWESOME start to the conference, I must say!

I trucked my bag full of goodies back to my hotel and still made it back as registration was just starting.  OY.


Gotta say, I’m a bit star struck by Roni (must have been shaking when I took this uber blurry photo of her).  I’ve been following her blog since my initial weight loss of 2007, when her site was still called WeightWatchen.   I’m playing it cool though….very cool.  In other words, she still doesn’t know I exist.   But I’m on her radar….I just know it.  🙂


Speaking of star struck, I met tons of cool bloggers tonight!  Here we have Sheryl Yvette (@BitchCakesNY), who brought these awesome donuts from Brooklyn to the conference (Peter Pan Donuts and Pastry, to be exact).  Yes, you read that right.  Donuts at the fitness blogging conference.  Of course we all had to try them!  That’s Sue O’Lear (@MrsFatAss) herself stuffing her face.  Love it!


After an amazing performance by Susan Ito, who did this very spot on monolouge/performance art about her wake up call to fitness and weight loss, two new friends and I went out to dinner at a lovely harborside restaurant.  What  a view, huh?  Shoutout to Calie Shackleford (@broccolicupcake) and Sylvia Bolter (@cowgirlwarrior).  Who knew you could spend such a pleasant evening with people you just met!  People told me that I’d make friends quickly here, but I honestly didn’t really believe it.  Well, I believe it now.

I cannot stinking wait for tomorrow.  I’ll be liveblogging one of the workoutsessions and then have the rest of the day to workout, learn stuff and meet more awesome people.   Yay, Fitbloggin!


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2 responses to “Quick Fitbloggin Post”

  1. calieshackleford says :

    Love your day 1 wrap up post. I feel like a slacker b/c I’m sitting here chatting it up with my little sis and not blogging at the blogging conference 🙂 But there will be plenty of time for that. I had such a great time hanging out and getting to know you. See you bright and early tomorrow!

    • mostlyforward says :

      Thanks Calie! I had a great time too. I’m exhausted today! Have fun with your sister…the blog will still be here after you two are done! I’ll see you at the trampolines tomorrow morning!

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